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    • ESS Nutristress

    • ESS Nutristress is used for horses that are subject to high stress due to their health, fitness or trainings. Nutristress is a fully-balanced product that helps horses cope with stressful situations.

      ESS Nutristress is an oat-free feeding supplement for horses did are stressed by illnesses, training, or living conditions. This full balanced feeding supplement aids in performance, mastering stress, and increasing anti-oxidants and immune modulators.

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    • Immuno RS

    • Horses are protected from viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other harmful agents by their immune system. The latest scientific advances show that horses with weakened immunity or living in conditions which foster loss of form (frequent competitions, excessive training, frequent changes in stable mates) require appropriate nutritional support. Immuno RS is a nutritional supplement made by Audevard Laboratories. It is designed to provide appropriate nutritional support to foals and horses whose usual routine is disturbed by training, competitions, travel, etc., and for susceptible horses. Enriched with plants (e.g. Echinacea) Immuno RS is particularly recommended ahead of high-risk periods (winter, intensive training, relocation, etc).

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    • Let Me Run Liquid

    • By combining high-quality ingredients, the immune system is strengthened, inflammation is relieved and pain is inhibited. The joy of life is significantly improved.

      Let me run A combination of natural ingredients reduces pain and thereby supports elastic and relaxed movement of the horse.

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    • B-Komplex Liquid

    • Vitamin B1 is used for the regeneration of the nervous tissue (eg ataxia) and the B-complex for the support of loss of appetite and stimulation of the metabolic function.
      For the support and regeneration of the nervous system (eg ataxia, paralysis), the total metabolism and blood formation. In the case of deficiency states and in times of increased demand (eg stress and growth phase), a combination preparation is therefore recommended.

      Horses of all ages. To support and regenerate the nervous system (eg ataxia, palsy), the whole metabolism and the hematosis. If there are any problems with the process,

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