New Zealand Holiday Competiton

Mānuka Honey from the Mokau River

Mānuka Vet source their pure, high-grade mānuka honey from New Zealand’s wild Mokau River banks. The Mānuka Vet team know it is produced to the highest possible standards because they closely manage the process and have the honey independently tested to ensure it passes their extensive quality control procedures. But we want our customers to know that too! 

Would you like to win the trip of a lifetime?

We have decided to send one lucky customer (and their friend/partner) on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New Zealand, to see the mānuka plantations and the manufacturing processor themselves but more importantly, to enjoy a very special holiday on the other side of the world. 

Send in your case studies to win

In order to enter the competition all you need to do is use a Mānuka Vet Skin and Wound Gel or Mānuka Vet Skin and Wound Creme on an equine or canine wound. Take photos to record the wound over the coming days or weeks – before, during and after. Then simply fill in the form below and upload your photos, along with the date that they were taken. Tip: Using a ruler to show the changing size of the wound will help to show the progression. The closing date for entries is 31st August 2019.

Scroll down the page to fill out the entry form!

  • Mānuka Vet Skin & Wound Gel Quick View
    • Mānuka Vet Skin & Wound Gel Quick View
    • Mānuka Vet Skin & Wound Gel

    • 100% Pure New Zealand Veterinary Manuka Honey (500MG+). Independently tested, filtered, sterilised, vet-recommended and medical grade certified. Satisfies World Veterinary Association directives for an antibiotic free future. Non-doping for racing and competition. Suitable for all your pets including horses, dogs and cats.

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  • Mānuka Vet Skin & Wound Crème Quick View
    • Mānuka Vet Skin & Wound Crème Quick View
    • Mānuka Vet Skin & Wound Crème

    • The Skin & Wound Crème contains 80% Mānuka honey, 18% lanolin and 2% plant oils (citronella and rosemary). The lanolin increases the temperature stability, making it more pliable when cold and more viscous when warm, reducing run-off. In addition to this, the lanolin makes the crème water repellent. The plant oils have natural insect repellent properties, impeding both flies and ants from making contact with the wound.

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New Zealand Holiday Competition

  • E.g. how did it happen, type of injury, any other treatments used.
  • Upload a maximum of 6 images. Photos must be original, unpublished, and not copyrighted. a) One photo should show the wound before you start using the Manuka Vet product. DO NOT include the Manuka Vet product in this photo, just the wound and surrounding skin/hair and background. b) One photo MUST show the Manuka Vet product and the wound (this can be before, during or after treatment). c) We then require at least two additional photos. Additional photos must show the wound on separate days/weeks during healing. These additional photos MUST NOT show the Manuka Vet Product.
    Image descriptonDate image was takenImage 
    Terms and Conditions and the image release can be found here: